dead poets (dead_poets21) wrote,
dead poets


the hallway is mush emptier now that she is gone
i used to be able to feel death move aside when she walked there
some how she knew
not only that i told her
she just knew,the machine silenced for a moment
she still thinks about it
but not for long
and this is for you buddy ....
i know you read this
you could never read me
you just wonder if i would have anything to say about it all
no i havent forggoten
ive just stopped caring
i have never ran from my fears
i ran into them screaming
screamin for it all just to stop
i quieted them
you were never intellegent enough
to see that i tried to quiet yours
and the band played on throughout the night
the smoke never cleared
the emotion ran so thick ,that you could cut it
and just stand there and watch me bleed
you were and are always so much more important
than anything else
you sacrifice everything even sanity to have what you "want"
you had it all and you have thrown it away
heres your depression buddy
i guess i am a sell out
i sold out long before you even knew my name
i extended my hand of friendship
you took it and ran
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