dead poets (dead_poets21) wrote,
dead poets

these days

these days
i search the iniqities in myself
and i turn the lights off
and i do it just to see what you think
i grip myself in front of the elderly
and tug on my pants in front of my boss
and there is nothing you can do
intellegence is one thing
the sharpness of ones own mind can be dull
however the reactions of others can be quite amusing
im not scared of the dark,and as a matter of fact ,
fuck you
and what the hell, while we are at
fuck me
still there is nothing you can do
ive come to enjoy life
i enjoy individuals ,i despise the groups they associate themselves with.
i figured that i need to write more fom the front part of my brain
it eases tension
i like being silly
i love being blunt
i like being inappropriate
and i like pissing on someone elses parade
its fun!!!!
we dont have that much time here
so why dont we all just stop being tightwads and have a little fun ...
oh yeah
p.s do you know how to tell if your best friend is gay
if his dick tastes like shit
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