dead poets (dead_poets21) wrote,
dead poets

this emptiness

its dark although i can feel my way through
and this is the bottom
this i what all the noise is about
havent you hard that the clocs have started their hollow chimes and the childeren stopped playing
the fence was just too tall for me to get over it dad
and the grass is swaying to the beat of my heart
you wondered if id ever be abl to stopp myself
but its all forthe machine
you know that i didnt just walk away
i fuckin ran
i ran until my side wrenched
that was all i could do
i hid under the covers until i was almost asleep
i talked to hi again mom
and i slept beside your be on the floor
i still rememberthe stubbles on his face and the hintof pabst blue ribbon on his clothes
and he looks just lie my dad
i wanna feel just feel today
i wanna hear music ,music in my head
i wanna breathe just breathe
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