dead poets (dead_poets21) wrote,
dead poets


this isnt even the time for you to start that shit
we are tired
and i am weak
this isnt the day of rest ,besides i havent found he right phrases to tell you whats on my mind
you were never a part of the whole scheme
the machine did not recognize you
it stopped its rythm
this is not the only time
this isnt even close
i wandered in the church yard ,
things were so much simpler
i didnt get to sleep that night
the last thin i remember is you telling me that i was a good boy ,i changed
the rhythm changed
its not that i dont care
i do
i dont know where im goin
i just want to see and be
with my son
i just want to raise my son and see grand kids
and retirement
the grass smells of nostalgia
and it takes me
im going
taking the next bullet out mom
i ran so fast that my shadow went away and i was lost in the dusk
the crickets were buzzing and the dogs were barking and it was so fucking quiet
i slept beside your bed again
and im not scared of whats in my head anymore
its not the thing under the bed
its cancer.
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